Current Issues


In 2016 a wealthy financier informed the public that he had bought the land we worked to protect, ignoring the easements and requirements as part of agreements made with the community.  He envisioned a massive development for his Berggruen Institute – including 3 conference centers, a residence for himself, helicopter pads and a scholars’ village of 13 residential units. Learn more here.



Ballona Wetlands

The Ballona Wetlands State Ecological Reserve are located in Marina del Rey and east of Playa del Rey. The natural wetlands once included the areas now taken up by Marina del Rey, New Amsterdam Canals of Venice, Playa Vista, northern Playa del Rey, and formerly extended northerly beyond Venice Boulevard to the historical Venice Canals that are now covered in asphalt with 6 streets. Learn more here.

Fire Safety

As local activists, we know the dangers of fires in our high fire risk neighborhoods. We also know that fires may be natural or man-made disasters, depending on what originally caused the disaster. The most common causes of natural fires are lightning strikes, sparks during arid conditions, but the most common one in California are naturally caused by high and dry temperatures. While man-made fires arise from deliberate arson or accidents. Learn more here.